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Friday, March 25, 2011

Spirituality Month - Almost Over

Wow, these past couple of weeks have flown by! Everything has been peachy, but busy, and obviously I haven't been focusing enough on writing.
Good thing this month's theme is no longer "diligence", because I would have gotten an "F". Although I have faithfully listened to The God Delusion, now halfway through, I have completely lost interest. It made some very good logical points, and I appreciated the information, but it is much too heavy for my taste and I had a hard time following it in some parts. Although it hasn't changed my opinion on anything (in fact, it reinforces it in some instances), it did as I said before make some good points. The first being, believing in God is not logical. I always thought that it was. As a kid, I had a book that was called "It Couldn't Just Happen", and until recently I subscribed to that line of reasoning.

One of the main reasons I believed in God and a creator is that I saw the creation and didn't believe that it could have happened by chance. However, I now think that is a faulty line of logic. Think of the amazing features and workings of all the plants and animals, most times much more complicated than we as non-scientists could imagine. I used to think that since it couldn't have "just happened", that there must certainly be an intelligent creator. However, who among us could have designed all that? Isn't it just as unfathomable that there is someone out there who could dream it up and create it? Because you see, if the creation is unlikely, so much moreso must be the creator. In short, I realized that none of my reasons for believing in God are logical, and that is not why I do. Mr. Dawkins is an atheist, and gave reasons not to stay an agnostic forever - after all, there is convincing logical evidence that there is not a God. He ended up pushing me the other direction. I am completely, completely against religious and lifestlye intolerance, but I feel more confident now than I did a few weeks ago in God's existence. It's a faith thing, and nothing more - there is no sense in trying to logic it into something reasonable, because it isn't.

That's all I'm going to say on the subject, because I'm certainly not looking to get into a debate with anyone. But, that is what I got out of (half of) the book.

I have begun The Four Agreements, and let me tell you..... book is kooky. It's got some different ideas, for sure, but I'm very interesteed to read it.

I have not been wearing my "no complaining" bracelet, but, I have been mindful of my complaining, and I realized something: I don't really complain that much. I would much rather make an effort to be happy than make an effort to complain. I don't have a reference, but I know I have heard and even through personal experienced have realized that complaining only makes you feel worse.

I also plan to attend church this Sunday! And, I have continued to keep Facebook and Words With Friends off of my phone.

It's been a long week. I think allergies have been a problem for many, and believe it or not, I think I may still be feeling the effect of the time change!


Monday, March 7, 2011

Chocolate Granola

Anything you can do I can do better; I can do anything better than you. - Annie Get Your Gun

That seems to be my motto. I like trying to make things myself - the chocolate granola I found recently is no exception. The granola I bought boasts oats, dried cherries, almonds, pecans, and cocoa. A peek at the ingredients lists reveals brown sugar and coconut. I loved it! My first round, I only made it with about half a cup of oats, to test my ratios... and cooking temperature. I baked it on my standby temp, 350, and ended up thinking that could have been a tad high. It had a cooked smell to it that I wasn't really looking for. I did better the second time around.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Late Start - Spirituality Month

Dont, don't you want me?
You know I don't believe you when
you say that you don't need me.
I've been a little frustrated with my productivity lately. February ended up being a very high-maintenance month. Cooking every meal was time consuming. I listened to my book every chance I got. It's over now, and it was great! Comes very highly recommended. Along with all that, I've had a decent amount of schoolwork to keep me busy in addition to a fun little bug I seem to have contracted. Which means I get a lot less done that I would like each night! Still on the agenda for "money month" is finishing my tablecloth and setting up my etsy store. I can't wait, but I want to do it right! I'd like to have more than only a couple of items to start out with. On the money month note, I'm also planning on getting my car on the market soon. And all the while, trying not to get too frustrated with the fact that I have to spend 40+ hours of valuable Year o' No Regrets time at the office every week.
Onto Spirituality Month. I have a pretty open mind when it comes to spirituality, but I think that I've shut it out altogether for the most part in the past few years because of some negative feelings toward the churches I've attended. I'm not looking to get into a religious debate here, simply to flesh out my thoughts and feelings and desires when it comes to the spiritual side of my life and developing it further.