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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year

It's not 2011 anymore (nor was it yesterday when I posted), but I feel like I need a farewell post. I have posted 32 times over the course of mostly five months, concentrated in the first few. I did not realize this until I glanced at the list of my posts last night. Part of the reason for this is that I got married! I planned that wedding, completed 27 semester hours, and tried a lot of new things. I made some permanent changes, but I also fell off the wagon in some aspects. Most of all, I tried really hard. I tried hard to be a good wife, a good student, a good employee, and a good friend. I have tried to practice self-control, let go of things I can't control, and prioritize. I worked hard on projects I cared about. I wish I had been able to blog more, but I don't regret that I didn't. My attention was with my new husband, and now that we are a little more settled in, I will spend more time on my projects... As long as this coming semester is not too terribly time-consuming! I had a really fulfilling year, and I wouldn't change it. From now on, I will be blogging at Life o' No Regrets (lifeonoregrets.blogspot.com)! If you're typing in the address, be sure to leave out the "f".

Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Feel Old

This year more than all other years combined I have felt like I am getting old. Here is my list of why. Yep, that's my intro.

1. I do just about the same thing every morning. If it's a workout morning, I work out. I make myself breakfast, which is nearly always the same: eggs and toast. I take a shower and say goodbye to my dog. I am becoming very predictable and routined.

2. I prefer to wake up early. If you had told me a couple of years ago that I would be waking up before I absolutely had to, I would have laughed. Now I like to "take my time waking up," and "ease into my routine", and "do a little housework". Madness.

3. Waking up early means I go to bed early. Way too early sometimes. But I woke up early and worked out and now, I don't care if it's only 9:30, I am tired!

4. I check the weather to see what I should wear. Before, I wore what I wanted. Let the weather dictate what I put on in the morning?! Pshh. If that meant flip-flops in January, that was cool. Why not?

5. I'll tell you why not. Circulation. My feet no longer have the blood flow to support this winter flip-flop insanity. In fact, I can't even go to sleep without socks. I wear little slippers around the house instead of my old barefoot ways. I had heard about this circulation thing before from an aunt, but I thought she was silly. Or just really old.