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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Green Month

"One single can is of great importance, because 99 is not 100." Valter (wastelandmovie.com)

Green Living For DummiesBecause of the fact that Earth Day falls in April, I decided to make it Earth Month, (or Green Month, depending on what mood I'm in). I like trying to see how my actions affect the world around me. I listened to Green Living For Dummies to get some ideas.

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Green Living for Dummies was interesting, but not terribly in-depth. What did I expect? It was however, short and sweet, which I appreciated. This month won't be bleeding into the next, because I managed to listen to it in about a week, hooray!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spirituality Month Wrapped Up

It's certainly not spirituality month any longer,  but I'd like to go ahead and reflect on it.

First of all, my foray into church-going looks promising. My betrothed and I both enjoyed the church our friends attend and it seems to be a very non-judgmental atmosphere, so different from the one I knew growing up (which ultimately turned me off to it.) The first sermon was on the Sermon on the Mount - certainly not one I was unfamiliar with, but it impacted me in a positive way just the same. The next week we got to see some friends of ours share a very impactful testimony. Add to that, another one of our friends has a mom who likes to cook for everyone after church, and it will be hard to keep me from coming back again.

The Four Agreements ended up being really interesting and helpful. I still most like "Don't Take Anything Personally." You never know what other people are going through or what in the world may be motivating them to act the way they do toward you or anyone else. In the end, I was impressed with the level of awareness the book promoted, but felt it may be a tad on the detached side. I think there is still a very big place for kindness and generosity toward others that the book did not seem to promote. It was more of how to be at peace with yourself - but simply being at peace with yourself will not give you total peace.

April is Green Month, because of course April 22 is Earth Day. I will get into that more later!