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Thursday, December 8, 2011

2011 Ornaments

My 2011 ornaments came about in a rush, because this ornament exchange snuck up on me, then I couldn't find the supplies I wanted for my first idea. I ended up with this. Pretty happy with them!

Ingredients for one dozen (you'll have lots of leftovers!):
3 Sheets White 12x12 Card Stock
Elmer's Paper and Fabric Glue
Skinny Sparkly Yarn
Tiny buttons

To make:
1. Take card stock and cut into quarters, then cut each quarter into a circle, then cut in half. Twist the six-inch-long semi-circle into a cone shape (sorta half it then pull ends together) and attach (I stapled, which somewhat flattens that side, then bent the staple a bit).

2. Apply glue on the bottom of the cone and start winding yarn around. You can use any kind really, but I got skinny yarn and I think if it was fatter it would have looked sloppy since the trees are so little. I wound all the way up as well as I could, adding glue as I went, then went back down and filled in the gaps. You can add as much glue as you need to, because it dries clear anyhow. You'll get it all over your fingers. Also, before we stapled the cone, we added a little loop with the knot on the inside, so you don't have to worry about attaching it later. It kindof gets in the way, though, so if you can ball it up at the top, it helps keep it out of the way.

3. I cut the stars out of felt and glued them on along with a tiny button. And that's it! My husband's mom and I did a dozen in about three hours, but the first ones probably took a little longer when we were still figuring it out.

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