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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Beading and Brewing

Dun dun dun.... I was not early to work yesterday. Actually, I was right on time, but that doesn't count for my spreadsheet. I planned to aim for 5 minutes early so that maybe I can develop a habit of being on time. I am shooting for 100% attainment on all my goals every day so that I can hit or exceed the 90% mark. I don't really expect perfection, but that doesn't mean I can't aim for it.

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.
-  Les Brown

Woke up this morning and began beading again. I calculated how much time I think this project will take, multiplied it by how much I normally make per hour, and how much I've spent on supplies. It's a little daunting, but I hope to be able to make some money on it! It won't count as extra income if I can't. I am almost done with the middle part. Then I will need to cut out the corner pieces and bead those. This is a picture of what I've done so far. The turquoise fabric will be the placemats and the outside edge of the tablecloth. I know I'll finish this thing eventually, but right now it seems a long way off. That's part of the beauty, though, because for me, the means is an end in and of itself. I like to work with my hands and see something come together. Besides, everyone knows I think too much, and sitting quietly for hours on end gives me even more opportunity for my favorite pasttime!

Speaking of money, for February I have just about decided to do a "no-spend" month. No spending on meals out, no iTunes downloads, no new clothes, no movies, no outings! When I was saving to buy my house, I did this to a certain extent, but lucky for me I had a boyfriend who really cushioned the blow by taking care of 99% of our incidentals. I would propose to spend money only on groceries and bills. I would consider going so far as to leave my debit card at home - now, that would be commitment! This isn't necessarily how I'd want to live the rest of my life, but I do think that this exercise could make me more mindful, and that's always a plus when you're dealing with the management of an important scarce resource in your life. Good thing there are no birthdays in February... That I know of, anyway.

As soon as I decided to write a memoir, I started writing it in my head. I already know the moment it will begin with - it popped up almost immediately. I am so excited for the coming year for myself and also for so many other people in my life. Changes are on the horizon for many, and so far the 2011 events have all been positive and uplifting, but when hard times fall, and we all know they will, we can handle them. I aspire to be a voice of encouragement and support for everyone I come into contact with. Much love.

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