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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day One

It's officially day one, and there's not too much to write about. I consider it a success, but I am loathe to admit my schedule today. I woke up several times this morning but never got out of bed until about noon. I went to bed fairly late, about 1:30, and I figured if you can't sleep in on New Years Day, when can you? Soon I'll be back to school and stressing again, so I might as well enjoy it while I can. Besides, it gives me the opportunity to get home this late and still be in a writing mood.

My resolution status.

1. I did not work out today. However, I only have to work out less than every other day, and since my weeks officially start on Monday, if I work out tomorrow (Sunday) I will consider that I have accomplished my first goal for this first 2 day 2011 week.

2. I listened to people. Keep in mind I was at a family reunion of sorts today. I will not get into the details. Check.

3. We missed my cousin's wedding today because Andrew was sick last night and with it being in Ft Worth, and our family Christmas in Gainesville, logistically, it just wasn't going to happen. However, "Christmas" was scheduled to start at 5:00 today and we arrived at 4:53. Were we actually planning on getting there earlier? Yes. So what? Check.

4. Dishes were all in the dishwasher when I left this morning AND as also as we speak, thank you!

5. Due to my dad's being (predictably) later than he promised this afternoon for us to leave, I was able to do my makeup at home without making anyone wait. X for me, but this won't cut it in a normal situation. Gotta do better.

So happy it's Sunday tomorrow and nothing scheduled. My Christmas stuff is already put away and my house is clean! What to do...

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