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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2

I feel like I'm going a little overboard with the posting, but I'll be brief. I enjoy seeing other people's projects from conception to reality, so I'm going to document one of mine for the first time.

The yellow fabric will be the background/base, and the purple fabric that is mostly hidden will be appliqued onto the yellow in the middle in the design shown. I sketched an example of how I expect it to turn out; I'm going to take the four ends of the cross and duplicate them diagonally on the four corners.

This is the purple fabric cut out. It also has some little hearts with tails, aka tadpoles that are sortof cute that I believe I'll include. These are the green beads I'm going to add to the applique.

I've started beading the tadpoles, and it looks like I ought to be able to get almost done tomorrow. Will post more then.

Kept all my resolutions today; found an opportunity to keep my mouth shut, sink is clean, first workout is complete, and there were no appointments today (thus also no makeup), but if I want to get to work early tomorrow I better get to bed. I bid you buenas nachos.

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