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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5

Well folks, we're getting pretty committed to this whole "2011" thing. Don't think there's any turning back now.

I had been doing so well. My record unblemished. Working out, sink's been clean, haven't been late... Yesterday, when I got home I couldn't remember one instance all day that I had told myself to be quiet or made an effort to listen. No X for me. That's a toughie, because it could be very easy to convince myself I did or just fake it. But no. I did a LOT of talking yesterday. And this isn't one you can make up for, either. I could pick up the phone, call someone and refuse to talk, right? (I care enough about this that I'm surprised it didn't cross my mind.)

I decided to quit my purple fabric. Wasn't doing it for me. I got new, better fabric and spent last night cutting it out. I spent some of tonight beading it. I would say I'm maybe a third of the way done. With the beading. I'm going to have to sell this thing for $300 to make money. I'll post a new picture once it's thoroughly beaded. The yellow is still the main base, but I'm going to use the turquoise in the background for the border now.

Another part of my time tonight was spent going to the grocery store. I was hungry, so I bought some snacks, but not too many. I decided to get stuff to make my own hummus. That will be a first. But not tonight. I also got some new cheese: Havarti. Now, to most that may not sound exotic. You may have eaten it a hundred times. But in my household growing up, there were 4 kinds of cheeses: cheddar, mozzarella, american, and parmesan. Parmesan was known as the cheese you could never have "too much" of. We were never chided for shaking the Parmesan can too long. This is significant if you know that I grew up in a family of eight, on a budget. Do you know how many food items my parents told me I couldn't have too much of? Point being, we weren't big on experimentation. And here I am, branching out. Buying a cheese I've never heard of. I'm thinking, exotic. Well, until I really got to looking at the label. Wisconsin? I was going for more, I don't know, imported. Whatever. I tried it, and I can say it's about one step up from Handi Snaks cheese. You know, the one that comes with the little red stick to scrape it from the plastic. I was afraid/excited there would be some crazy flavor to it, but what stuck out to me is: salty. Not exactly what I was going for, but what I was indeed going for was trying something new, so that part was at least a success.

I like to talk about food...

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