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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cons and Pros of a Home Gym


1. Less machines

2. No dance classes, and while I can do the DVD kind, I have way less room. Those big classrooms were nice.

3. Can't watch Wheel of Fortune and guess at the puzzles while I run. That was always a fun little diversion.

4. Those mirrors everywhere were nice for A. checking your form and B. knowing if someone's checking you out. I think it's hilarious that those guys thought they were being so sneaky staring at my ass but then I turn around and - oops, caught ya!

So, not a lot. By the way, my title is wonky because I wanted to put cons first.


1. I turn extraordinarily red when I work out (or get hot, or embarrassed, or mad, or cry, or because it's a day that ends in Y, you know, whatever). It doesn't hurt my feelings that there's no one around to see this take place.

2. No driving, and it's always open.

3. I can wear my holey shorts.

4. I don't feel comfortable belting out my breathless off-key (remember, I'm in headphones) Check On It at the gym (ooh boy *pant pant* looking like you like *pant* what you see) while I'm pumping away on the elliptical machine. At home... that's another story.

5. Headbanging... I believe that may also be distracting for others.

6. After a good workout, if it's cool outside, I like to go out there and wind down... headphones still on... and if Jay Z's Hard Knock Life comes on, well, you can't help but wanna dance.

7. No old dude moaning away at every ounce of effort he puts forth. Creepy.

8. No one chillin' and catching their breath on the machine I need next. UGH.

Point being, I've been liking this home gym thing. If I had to pick a favorite January resolution, this would probably be it. I knew I wanted to carry it through the new year, to infinity and beyond, but I have really enjoyed it and am so glad I've begun to make it a habit.

On the other hand, I've come to the conclusion that I get sick pleasure from waiting until the last minute, then rushing and trying to beat a clock, and may never regularly be on time. I've known this was a genetic thing for some time (get to know almost anyone on my dad's side of the family), and I'm afraid it may be a negative part of my personality that I never fully conquer.

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